• Tobeco Orchid V2 Clone RBA/RTA


  • $ 18.99

  • Description

    One of the newest rebuildable tanks to hit the market, the Orchid v2 is a superb Kayfun-style RBA. This clone by Tobeco is definitely a tank that should be in every vaper’s collection. The chimney is adjustable to set up the wick in the channels just right for that perfect vape.

    The Orchid V2 features a slightly different box, a redesigned base with a screw fill hole, and better machined center pins.

    -Larger Chimney allows more vapor to travel
    -4 juice tunnels for efficient juice delivery
    -2 huge air holes on each side for easy lung inhale
    -Ultra detailed laser engraving technology
    -Over 4ml of Juice Capacity
Tobeco Orchid V2 Clone RBA/RTA

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