• Panzer Mech Mod Clone-Stainless Steel or Blackhawk Finish


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    Panzer Mech Mod Clone

    Made from stainless steel, the Panzer clone mechanical mod is a 1:1 modular tube system that can provide battery sizes for 18350, 18500, and 18650. Top cap has a floating pin, while the bottom firing switch is adjustable, both equipped with brass contacts. Vented air holes on the tube allow easy breathing for the battery inside, along with a soft locking mechanism for safety.



    Stainless steel or Black Finish

    Interchangeable tubes

    510 threaded

    Adjustable center pin

    Vented holes on body

    Soft locking mechanism

    Individually serialized


    Note: please DO NOT stack batteries as this is a mechanical mod with no circuitry, you will effectively double your voltage which can and will destroy attached devices. Also, have a clear knowledge of properly using mechanical mods. Adjustable positive contact pin for battery rattle

Panzer Mech Mod Clone-Stainless Steel or Blackhawk Finish

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