• Fogger v4.4 Review

    Two weeks ago we got the first shipment of Fogger v4+.  We had been waiting with much anticipation and have had a couple of weeks to really put it through it's paces.  I can tell you that without a doubt, this new Fogger is a very solid atomizer and for those who prefer a wide open draw, this will be the Kayfun killer.  That doesn't mean that it doesn't have it's issues, because pretty much every device ever made has at least some drawbacks.  Let's look at the good first. Measuring out at 22mm, it fits perfectly on the Nemesis, Panzer, Nzonic and pretty much every other mech I own.  Sits down nice and flush on the Cloupor DNA 30 box as well.  The airflow ring on the bottom is polished and knurled makes a very smooth transition to the brushed stainless and glass top.  Sometimes atties with the brushed finish don't look all that sharp, but the little ring of polished ss/knurling really brings it all together.  It's got a dual coil set up, four juice channels, a relatively large deck and best of all holds almost 5mls of juice.  After tinkering a bit with the build, I settled on two micro coils wicked with doubled over 1mm Ekowool at .8 ohms and now I couldn't be happier.  Thick, billowy clouds of vapor and with the airflow open wide and big ol airy draw for monster lung hits. On the down side, the flavor is close but not quite as good as the Kayfun.  The build was also a bit fidgety-  the first build had too much wick and burned dry.  The next several builds started out great with nice wicking and huge hits, but after a couple of hours it began to leak.  Not enough wick I guess.  I found the Goldilocks zone with the Ekowool and haven't put it down for nearly a week.  And, if you use the discount code "hardware" we've got the best price in the land.
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